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Arrow Subreddit Fans Turn their Allegiance to Daredevil

Arrow has failed the subreddit?


It seems that Arrow subreddit fans were too disappointed with Arrow’s season finale that they change their allegiance to Daredevil. It is just the banner so far though and minor discussions about Daredevil. Also the forum doesn’t seem to like Olicity or Felicity being part of the show and whether it was coincidence or not, Felicity saying “you think I was leaving? not a chance”, it has sparkled some of the fans.

“Felicity directly speaking to this sub when she said “you think I was leaving? not a chance” lmaoo,” said redditor “Batfleck2015.”

“If you’re from /r/all and you’re confused why this is here, well it’s quite frankly because the show’s finale sucked donkey balls, and this is what we wanted the show to be like, not some teen romance. So here we are.” – Moderator

“The finale was filled with plot holes,” raged one Arrow fan (mkd87). “Like where the f–k do thousands of nukes in mid-flight go? How did Oliver channel his magic from the hope of the citizens? How did Darhk’s powers powered by tens of thousands of souls just go limp dick in 2 seconds, yet he was able to kill Felicity’s ex from far away? And the final fight scene? What the f–k was that? The final fight scene was shit. They’re both highly trained in martial arts and they’re just trading punches in the face back and forth? The f–k? Did the action scene choreographer take time off or what? Worst season finale ever.”

Maybe this fans have failed the Arrow? Turned their back on too soon without even watching the next season. What are your thoughts on the season finale?

Author: Shivniel Gounder

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