Possibly the World’s most beautiful Pirate Site, Killed

Beautiful website killed without anyone knowing about it


Personally I believe that KickassTorrents is the best looking Pirate site. Upcoming challenges of this services are streaming sites, who are providing a quality, clean interface. Popcorn Time, a Netflix alike service. Which users have to download a software on their PC.

So you prefer Nachos with your movie?

Last week, a new service called NachoTime, a service which would use PopcornTime service in a browser. Users would not have to download any software, except for the browser obviously. Every video played without any buffer, with full graphics for movies, and played on mobile devices without any problem. Not only that, but it also provided torrent links for the movies. If you prefer downloading.

Dutch Anti Piracy group acted against it, may be because the site was too mouthful. At the moment, site displays this notice.

This site has been removed by BREIN because it supplies illicit entertainment content.

This website made use of an illegal online supply of films and television series.

Uploading and downloading of illegal content is prohibited by law and will therefore result in liability for the damages caused.


Go to Thecontentmap.nl and see where you can legally download and stream

BREIN says it contacted the site’s host who in turn contacted the site’s owner, who took NachoTime down immediately. TorrentFreak contacted BREIN chief Tim Kuik and put it to him that his group has just taken down the best looking site around.

I agree, very well presented,” Kuik said. “A pity it was illegal.
Their ease of use makes them very popular so they are hurting the growth of legal online platforms,” Kuik explains.

Settlement is a cease and desist undertaking with a penalty sum, a BREIN text on the site referring to Thecontentmap.nl that lists legal online platforms and payment of compensation depending on circumstances. A court case would include an injunction and full costs (likely between € 8,000 – 15,000) and a procedure on the merits regarding damages and again full costs.

Author: Shivniel Gounder

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