Pirate Bay’s AES Code Decrypted

Pirate Bay’s AES Code Decrypted

Before we start, if you have’t read our previous post about The Pirate Bay Back To Life-ish , you can read it here.

Also if you want to read about Next Gen Encryption, you can download this great Ebook: The New Encryption Generation: Closing the Gap

Here is the AES code we are referring to if you don’t know.
tpb aes

It was first discovered by Reddit user called dafky2000


By analyzing the page source code I could see some irrelevant HTML tags that had no effect. In particular, ‘key lowercase’ with the text enclosed ‘WeAreTPB’, which was not in fact lowercase. The encryption technology was the name of the image itself – ‘aes.png’ – AES,

I did have some trouble – Initially, I was only decrypting half the URL so I knew I was on the right track. Took a break at 2am, but got some sleep to clear my head and finished it off in the morning. I love a challenge and that hit the spot.

I was trying to solve the ‘pipe vi Makefile’ mystery so I could build whatever program the Makefile would make. Decryption seemed like the stepping stone to that goal. I was mildly disappointed I couldn’t build something but I think there might be more to that,

As it turns out, Pirate Bay’s message was little more than a URL of a YouTube video. No secret messages crucial to the site’s return, but a compilation of The Terminator’s famous line “I’ll be back.”


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