Opera Releases Free Unlimited VPN With Opera 40

Free Unlimited VPN

VPN’s these days seem to almost be a necessity if not one yet. With hacking, snooping and revelations it is safe to use a VPN, or even to watch Netflix, which are getting a bit difficult to do now. But there are so many VPN providers, many “premium” VPN’s provide extra features while there are some free VPN’s who do the job. One of the important policies you should check with a provider is if they log any sorts of data. This should be considered before you decide bandwidth usage packages.

With Opera 40, it’s just not for people who have a bit of technical skills but for anyone. Yes there are other browsers which provide the same feature. Connect to a VPN with a single click. Most of them are not that feature rich for everyday use.

We strongly believe that if more people knew how the internet truly works, they would use a VPN – and we hope that by making our browser VPN free and easy to use, it will become an essential tool for everyone. Until now, VPNs have largely been used by people who have a good understanding of how the internet works.

In order to start the free vpn: After downloading the browser Go to “Settings” (or “Preferences” on Mac), choose “Privacy & Security” and then toggle the free VPN. An icon labeled “VPN” will appear in the browser, from which you can toggle VPN on and off, and choose a location.

Other features which come with latest Opera are Video pop-out improvements, Chromecast support, Newsreader with RSS support and Automatic battery saving.

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Author: Shivniel Gounder

TheGeek : Writes about information security, privacy, cybersecurity and latest tech gadgets and more.

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