Lizard Squad Member Arrest? Not According To Lizard Squad

Wanna-be Hacker According To Lizard Squad

Liazrd Squad Pleads Guilty

Lizard Squad member arrested, well according to Lizard Squad he is not part of core members, and according to Lizard Squad “Obnoxious” and Lizard Squad had a bet, that he could not be arrested in a month. Which means there have been zero core members of Lizard Squad who have been arrested.

A 17-year-old hacker from British Columbia, Canada, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to 23 charges of extortion, public mischief, false police reports, and criminal harassment. The British Columbia resident admitted of swatting and being a member of Lizard Squad. The name of the person has not been revealed yet, due to being underage.

The teen — who went by the online handle “obnoxious” — was finally arrested after an eight-hour YouTube live stream where he had multiple people swatted. Enough viewers called the police on him that he was tracked down. He now has a court date scheduled for June 29th, when sentencing will be determined.

His attacks would often start with posting personal details like financial records and contact info on the internet, then escalate to “swatting,” or calling the victim’s local law enforcement and telling them his target’s home was the site of a hostage situation, or that he had killed everyone inside. In one of the worst instances, he targeted a young woman at the University of Arizona who eventually had to drop out of school after multiple swattings on her and her parents.

Lizard Squad Released A Statement Saying:


Many news agencies are reporting about Obnoxious’ arrest. We decided to make this just to clear the dust in the air. This is important because the “You can’t arrest a lizard” is still a valid statement. However, people are starting to think otherwise, because of incidents like this. The reason the statement still stands is because Obnoxious and many others aren’t a part of the core members. They’re public figures that like to play. We’ve said it so many times it’s getting annoying, the grand total of indictments of lizard squad members is ZERO.
Side note: There’s a reason Obnoxious was smiling at the hearing. He was trying to get arrested, hence why he live streamed it. We had a bet that he couldn’t get arrested within the month and he won.

Side note #2: Our 1 year anniversary is coming up. So be ready for what we have in store for you.

With love,

– Lizard Squad

Statement ended with Lizard Squad doing something big on their 1st anniversary.

Author: Shivniel Gounder

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