Lizard Squad Attacks Malaysia Airlines

Oh Lizard Squad, what are you guys up to now?


lizard south park

lizard arrest
Hacker group who took down XBox Live and Sony PlayStaion Network on Christmas Day, has claimed responsibility for attacking Malaysia Airlines’s website

The site also has the familiar Lizard Squad avatar, links to three Twitter acc
ounts (@LizardMafia, @UMGRobert and @UmgChris) and a rap song that plays automatically, celebrating Lizard Squad’s achievements including its recent takedowns of online gaming services Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

The site showed ‘404 – Plane Not Found’, it was referring to the Flight MH370. There hasn’t been any mentions on why would Lizard Squad Hack Malaysia Airlines. They ruined Christmas for most people, and tried to attack Tor. While user’s data weren’t breached but if users were directed to a phishing website then their credentials could have been stored by the Lizard Squad.

Malaysia Airlines confirms that its Domain Name System (DNS) has been compromised where users are re-directed to a hacker website URL is keyed in.
At this stage, Malaysia Airlines’ web servers are intact.
The airline has resolved the issue with its service provider and the system is expected to be fully recovered within 22 hours.
The matter has also been immediately reported to CyberSecurity Malaysia and the Ministry of Transport.
Malaysia Airlines assures customers and clients that its website was not hacked and this temporary glitch does not affect their bookings and that user data remains secured.

Making claims of data theft is serious and should be taken seriously,” Robert Siciliano, an online safety expert to Intel Security, told ABC News. “Those who have information stored on the site, such as personal information and credit card numbers should take heed and take steps to ensure their accounts are secure. Monitor statements looking for unauthorized activity. Beware of phishy emails and avoid clicking links. Otherwise pay attention to news reports and look for the airline to send out a communication.

Author: Shivniel Gounder

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