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Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is military based game which uses Frosbite 3 engine. It’s campaign game is rather small than most of us would hope. But the creators of BF4 concentrated more on multiplayer gameplay. BF4 is real time game, meaning you can take down buildings as well. You have a lot more freedom than any other FPS game. Battlefield also comes with commander mode and also the ability to seperate your map to another screen(multi screen setup).
With loads of attachments and vehicle types, this game could keep you up all night.

[easyreview title=”Battlefield 4″ cat1title=”Campaign ” cat1detail=” Good graphics. Well structured” cat1rating=”4.5″ cat2title=”Multiplayer” cat2detail=”Thriller gameplay. Currently stable after all patches” cat2rating=”4.5″ cat3title=”Sound” cat3detail=” Casual online bug, other than that, no problem. Sound matters a lot when player online. Therefore 3 stars only” cat3rating=”3.0″ summary=”All rounder excellent game to play”]


Author: Shivniel Gounder

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