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Once Upon A Time Season 4 Premiere!


Anna and Elsa are on Once Upon A time! But was it everything ‘OUAT’ fans expected? Well, I would say, Yeah it was. Mostly. First episode of the season usually set up for the whole plot of the season. We know that ‘Frozen’ will be heavily featured in this season. And what of Regina and the Mirror? They will try and find the writer of the infamous book. As soon as Regina said that, in my mind I screamed: “OHHHH!! Like how The Winchesters went to Chucks doorstep in ‘The monster at the end of this book’. AWESOME”

Regina Mills is my favourite character on Once, so when the finale of last season took away her happiness, I was devastated. So Broken! I don’t want her to go evil again so I am a bit displeased with the story. We’ll see how my decision changes over the next season though. Although, it does seem as though there are some comparison between Regina and Elsa. Are they gonna best friends? Questions, questions, so many questions.











I’m not forgetting Rumpelstiltskin in this blog. Belle and Mr. Gold are married now and honeymooning in a castle belonging to someone we probably will find out about over Season 4. I still haven’t forgiven the writers for killing off Baelfire aka Neal Cassidy. Everything seems fine with The Golds but what was that mysterious object that Gold conjured up? It looks like the sorting hat to me. Does that mean they are looking into bringing Harry Potter story into OUAT? NO! But of course I was wrong, because its the sorcerer’s hat from ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’. Maybe he’s the writer that Regina is searching for. Although, I do want to see the famous Arthur and Merlin to be shown. It was touched upon in the previous season, maybe they are expanding on that idea.

Also briefly, Hook and Emma seem to be on rough waters. So with all that been said, lets look into the major thing in Storybrooke. And no, I’m not talking about the big snow monster terrorising the characters. Elsa seems to recognize Rumpelstiltskin. Does this mean that Elsa, Anna and Kristoff had a run in with Rumpel in the enchanted forest where Anna is heading to. Does it mean the Anna and Elsa’s parents were going to enlist Rumpelstiltskin’s help to cure Elsa? So far the plot is alright. But hey, I guess its just episode 1.

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