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Are Google And Apple Hosting App which tracks women?

Google and Apple under scrutiny for hosting a plausible tracking app

An application called Absher has come under a lot of scrutiny when it was revealed that the app was capable of tracking the women/spouse.
By the using the app, “guardians” can register their dependent women and block travel destination to certain countries. Previously women had to present a consent form to the authorities at the airport, but since the launch of Absher, it seems women are trying to evade the restriction by either stealing guardian’s app credential or phone itself to grant travel privileges. The app seems to be the main cause of imprisonment of women who are trying to leave the country, as the app contains a messaging system which will notify the guardians as soon as they try to leave country.

The first review on the @AppStore for Absher helpfully notes that it’s a great way to control your wife. pic.twitter.com/Y1ZsevPrYn— Lindsey Barrett (@LAM_Barrett) February 11, 2019

While neither Apple or Google have commented on the app, few people have said that the app makes it easier for women to get IDs but at the cost of being tracked all the time, making it difficult to seek asylum if ever the time arises. Does it feel right?

Author: Shivniel Gounder

TheGeek : Writes about information security, privacy, cybersecurity and latest tech gadgets and more.

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