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Space Travel: Is it Really Important?

Mars is the only planet in our solar system that is inhabited solely by robots.

space travel

There are billions of dollars spent to further research on travelling into and through space. But does it really matter? Look at all the things that are happening right now on the planet. Maybe if we spent those billions of dollars to help people in need or clear the debts of students. (I kid) But if there are no people on the planet then what is the point of space exploration.

The government perhaps could invest that money into the medical sector to combat threat such as Ebola. Or even make drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine better and less harmful to users and make them less addictive. Maybe give that money to third world countries so that they could have food, education and shelter.

I am not saying that we shouldn’t go into space. The universe is enormous and obviously there must be other planets that sustain life. All I am trying to say is that maybe it is not the right time for space exploration with all the things wrong with our planet. Even I am curious to know what lies beyond the stars but we have only just explored less than 5% of what lies in our oceans which covers 70% of the planet.

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Author: TheCritic

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