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Homeland Season 5 Episode 1 – Review

Season 5 of the political thriller Homeland aired yesterday with the first episode named “Separation Anxiety”. The season will consist of 12 episodes will Claire Danes returning in the role of Carrie Mathison. This season will be set 2 years later from the events of season 4 in Germany with the show runners promising to address the on-going issues like ISIS, Charlie Hebdo Shooting and NSA-Edward Snowden saga.

In the opening scene we see Carrie praying in a Catholic Church..for Brody’s soul maybe LOL. Later on we find that she is now in Berlin Germany with her daughter and is now working for a security agency and apparently cut all ties with the CIA. Cut to a couple of hackers trying to vandalize a ISIS propaganda website. The hackers manage to get access to the CIA network their analyst was also spying on the website at the same time. The hackers manage to download documents containing the details on the German governments spying program on its own citizens with the help of the US. We find that Carrie is asked by her new boss to travel to Lebanon with him and she decides to visit the CIA station chief “Alison” in Berlin to ask for the current security situation in Lebanon. While at the station Carrie runs in Saul who is there about the Data Leak issue. Saul tells Carrie that she turned her life back from her country and career. Later Carrie tries to contact the commander of the terrorist group Hezbollah that is currently controlling the area in Lebanon that they will be visiting. She is kidnapped and taken to the commander where he tell that they will never cooperate with anyone who has ties with the US.

Saul meets with the Germany government officials about the hack and the Germans pull the plug on that whole operation. Enter the badass that is Quin, we see him breaking into an Arab man’s home who is apparently a boob maker. Quin uses the tools in the home to make a bomb, ties the man to a char, sets in the timer and walks off…and BOOM! Later we find that that Quin has decided to carrying this assassination as requested by Saul as he tells Quin that the CIA will not take any responsibility if he is caught and hands him a photo is the next target : a women who has been recruiting children for suicide attacks.

Author: Denish Pillay

Science, sports and technology enthusiast.

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