Utorrent Does Not Install Bitcoin Mining Software

Media misinformation at it’s best

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Have you being reading how Utorrent it silently installing Bitcoin bloatware on your system when you choose to install it? Many sites and users around the world a complaining about this problem. But the fact is, it’s not installing the bloatware by itself, but it asks users the permission to do so.
It’s nothing new, previously while installing UTorrent we were given choice to check the latest media content, such as music, but this time, it’s a software called Epic Scale. Which solves math problems to help charity, as that’s what it is said. If and only when you “Accept Offer” then it will install it.

Users complaining

Just updated uTorrent and it didn’t tell me anything about that total f*cked up ‘Epic Scale’ trash, which constantly keeps popping up with ‘Could not connect to server’

Noticed the laptop was ‘laggy’ and then I saw the mysterious E in the taskbar. Blamed the kids again but then I saw the Utorrent update comments and bingo, me too

Epic Scale Reply

I recognize many of you are reporting a silent install. We are going to address this with all our distribution partners and determine what’s going on,” Epic Scale’s Alexander writes.

They are also offering $20 Amazon gift cards to affected users.

BitTorrent Reply

We design our software to ensure that partner software downloads don’t occur without approval by the user. But given your report, we’ve also double-checked this particular offer, and have determined that it cannot be installed without user

Given the unusual surge of reports about silent installs, however, it might be that something went wrong, at least for some.

In terms of user complaints in our forums, we always take these claims seriously. We highly value our users, they are a passionate and tech savvy group. In the last 24 hours we have received less than a dozen inquiries out of several million offers.”

“We have reviewed the issue closely and can confirm there is no silent install happening. We are continuing to look at the issue. But this is most likely these users accepted the offer during install.

Author: Shivniel Gounder

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