Android Communications Between AP and BPs Vulnerable

Better Phone Sound Quality Means Worse Security?

Figure10 attacker call to victim

As smartphones are trending to increase their computational capabilities, employees and individuals increasingly rely on smartphones to perform their tasks, and as a result smartphone security becomes more significant than ever before. One of the most serious threats to information security, whether within organization or individual, is covert channels, because they could be employed to leak sensitive information, divert the ordinary use of a system, or coordinate attacks on a system. Therefore, identification of covert channels is considered an essential task. This research takes a step in this direction by identifying a potential covert channel which could affect smartphone security.

Figure 9 sender and receiver

Rootkit implementation successfully verified what it was meant to do. Rootkit was able to be portable and work silently. The rootkit works in all Android-rooted stock ROMs, as well as
most custom ROMs that have Jelly Bean 4.3.3 version or below, and it was not tested in newer versions. Rootkit was tested successfully in Samsung Galaxy S 3 I9300, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy S 4, and Samsung Galaxy Duos y GSM versions, and is believed to work in most GSM and CDMA Android smartphones.

Research white paper.

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